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To February and Beyond, Supporting Diversity All Year Round

There’s nothing quite like hearing a rocket fly.

Whether it’s the deafening roar of an orbital launch, or the crisp echo of your own rocket,

piercing the sky is a magical thing to experience. You can feel it, like music. You can hear the air dance along the body of the rocket. The plume it leaves behind is like a record, etched into the sky.

At Hot Nozzle Society, rocketry is art and flight is expression. It’s an expression of tenacity,

creativity, curiosity, and experience. It’s a place where math, science, technology, the skill of

engineering, compassion and stewardship are used like musical instruments, creating a

beautiful composition, booming with life.

We’d like to share that.

We recognize that historically, the field of aerospace has been a hostile environment for

marginalized communities. Especially for the Black community. Barriers to entry present

unnecessary challenges that, left unchecked, become systemic issues. Rocketry and other

high-tech disciplines are often plagued with these barriers. Knowledge is difficult to come by if you aren’t connected with others in the field, components can be expensive, and finding a place to belong & be supported can seem like a pipe dream. But that’s what we’re all about. Hot Nozzle Society stands on the idea that providing experience, mentorship, resources, and a loving, supportive community can have a profound impact on an individual’s experience.

As we kick off our blog here, we’d like to share some resources we’ve identified to better sup

port the Black community and to extend a hand in invitation to experience the wonder that is

High Powered Rocketry.

National Society of Black Engineers (NBSE)— With more than 600 chapters

and more than 24,000 active members, the NSBE is one of the largest

student-governed organizations based in the U.S.

Black Girls Do STEM— Black Girls Do STEM Day Program is for

middle-school-aged Black girls (grades 6–8) to explore various STEM careers

across multiple industries.

National College Resources Foundation— The National College Resources

Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit educational enhancement organization. Their

mission is to curtail the high school dropout rate and increase degree and/or

certificate enrollment among underserved, underrepresented, at risk, low

resource, homeless and foster students. They hope to close the gap in

educational achievement, workforce and economic disparities with the goal to

end racism and racial inequality through education.

training, movement building, and grant making institution that is dedicated to the

healing, wellness, and liberation of Black and marginalized communities. Their mission is to remove the barriers that Black people experience getting access to

or staying connected with emotional health care and healing through education,

training, advocacy, and the creative arts.

Patti Grace Smith Fellowship— The Patti Grace Smith Fellowship opportunity

provides a meaningful, effective pathway into successful aerospace careers for

Black Undergrads and future aerospace industry leadership, whose race and

ethnicity has made them the subject of systemic bias, through jobs, mentorship,

and community.

Zed Factor Fellowship— The Zed Factor Fellowship empowers aspiring space

and aviation professionals from historically excluded backgrounds and all majors

through hands-on, practical work experiences at industry-leading companies.

It’s time to stop making the music harder to hear.

It's time to stop making the music harder to hear.


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